Is Online Gambling Legal in California?


California remains an outlier when it comes to online gaming, despite having one of the world’s strongest economies and one of the largest gambling markets. No progress has been made toward legalizing real-money iGaming in California yet; however, many operators hope this will change and aim to be among the first providers offering California-specific iGaming options when they gain market entry.

California currently hosts 66 tribal casinos, from card rooms to resorts, spread throughout the Golden State and regulated by various bodies depending on the form of gambling involved – for instance, state lotteries are overseen by the California Lottery Commission while pari-mutuel wagering falls under the jurisdiction of the California Horse Racing Board; additionally, land-based casinos must adhere to regulations set out by the California Gambling Control Commission which enforces their relationship with California via tribal-state compacts.

Although California has not experienced a pleasant experience when it comes to online gambling, its massive economy means it has the resources available to it to support iGaming operations. Unfortunately, its political landscape remains highly complex, making any progress toward legalizing online gambling an uphill climb – something further evidenced by November 2022’s overwhelming rejection of Propositions 26 and 27 which would require much work on behalf of legislators to accomplish.

With so much at stake, California may not become the first US state to legalize both online sports betting and casinos anytime soon; however, its large population and gambling industries that generate billions each year make it a potential target for legalization in the future.

California’s Native American tribes have long been one of the primary factors in keeping online gambling illegal, making legalization all but impossible until proponents can present compelling arguments that there are enough benefits outweighing its complications.

At present, California residents looking to gamble can access offshore sites. These provide a range of casino games accessible on desktop computers, mobile phones and tablets and offer various payment methods such as e-wallets such as PayPal or Skrill (with speedy transactions) or prepaid cards for making small deposits or withdrawals; bank wires may also be an option – though these often carry higher transaction fees.

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